Luca`s Football Scarf Colletion - On Tour



It was a spontaneous decision as one of my mates called me and asked, if I want to join his trip to Amsterdam.
I immediately agreed and was excited. I have never seen a football game in the Netherlands and I am going to witness the world famous "Entrada" from the Ajax Ultras, named VAK410, under the bridge next to the stadium. On top of that, they were celebrating their 15th birthday. One more reason to attend this great event! 

We left 11:30AM from Hamburg and arrived 4PM in Amsterdam. After a walk through the city centre and a quick lunch in an italian restaurant neart the "Nieuwmarkt", we headed with the Metro to the "Amsterdam Arena" in the south-east area of the dutch capital.
As we got closer and closer, I could hear the first chants. I was impressed by the great amout people. All the flares, the jumping, singing, setting yourself free and forgetting all worries at home with family/friends, at the job or somewhere else. That is the magic thing about visiting the game of your club: you forget everything. It does not matter which club you support, because we all feel the same in such moments. It just was an incredible experience to witness the Entrada and will be memoried for a lifetime.
Fotos from the Entrada:
(Had the privilege to meet Wouter, Scarfcollector from the Netherlands! Great guy!)

Believe it or not. The picture below was taken 15 minutes before kick-off! We sat at Block 402, across the Ultra stand from VAK410 and paid 16 Euros for one ticket :-)
Before the game started, there were around 40.000 people (including 16 Heracles Almelo-Fans) in the Arena.
The Amsterdam Ultras showed a nice choreo in the beginning, a lot of flags and some flares during the game. Chanting for 90 minutes and trying to transfer the fire on the stand to the pitch. Without success.
I was a little disappointed as I expected much more from the Ajax-Fans. According to their 15th anniversary, it was not enough for me.
Fotos from the choreo:

The score was 0:0. It was not really the best game from Ajax to visit.
Ajax just had one great chance in the 85th minute. Ajax remains the leader of the Eredevisie, one point ahead of PSV Eindhoven. This weekend (sunday) they will play away in Kerkrade and the next home game will be the famous "Klassieker" against Feyenoord Rotterdam (February 7th)!
Even though it was a boring game, without any ideas from both teams, the Entrada from the Ajax Supporters outside the stadium really was as great as you can see on YouTube.
If you love Ultra, I definitely recommed to you to witness it by your own!

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